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Growing up on a farm, the whole emphasis was on food. Growing it, preparing it, cooking it and, best of all, eating it. We had our own cattle, sheep, turkeys and chickens as well as cows for milk, butter and cheese. †What we didnít grow ourselves, we sourced locally. Almost all of our fish came directly from the boats in Arklow. †We baked our own bread fresh daily.

The best food requires the finest and freshest ingredients. †I use only premium meats and seafood, European butter, premium flours and free-range eggs. †Most of my produce is seasonal and fresh from local farmerís markets. Using local sources supports local farmers and the closer we can be to the source, the fresher the product will be. †I prepare everything I possibly can in house including artisan breads and desserts.

Whether itís a simple buffet luncheon or an elegant sit-down dinner, my goal is always to create a meal that tastes like it came straight from the farm kitchen.

Some of the local farms and vendors I buy from:

Apkarian Farms
Harryís Berries
Kenter Canyon Farms
McGrath Family Farm
Malibu Seafood
Malibu Zuman
Peacock Family Farms
Premier Meat Company
Pudwill Farm
Santa Monica Seafood
Scarborough Farms
The Berry Man
Thorne Family Farm
Underwood Family Farms